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Barcodes Global is a reliable provider of high quality barcodes for stores worldwide. We have worked very hard for several years to develop our company and have grown to become a recognized supplier of Barcodes for retail stores globally. We make the process of getting GS1 EAN barcodes for your products quick, easy and economical and we offer a friendly and efficient service to our customers. All our barcodes are registered in advance, which means that when you make a purchase, you can immediately use your barcodes. Our barcodes can abe used in any country in the world. We deliver your barcodes via email within a few hours after having made the purchase.

Our barcodes are not restricted to one particular country and prefix. Please CLICK HERE to understand why you should buy from us and save thousands of rands. Our codes are suitable for use all over the world. No renewal fees!

With each purchase you will receive three high resolution images for each of your barcodes. You can send these images immediately to your graphic designer or printer, who can print the barcodes on stickers, labels or on your package.

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With each order you will receive an assignment of EAN and UPC numbers in the barcode graphic of three different formats (eps, jpeg, pdf), a certificate and a copy of your invoice.

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